The Beach Makes Us Happy

There are loads of health benefits associated with the beach, and we’re here to remind you of the some of them. So here we go, read on.

  • Walking barefoot on the sand is good for you. You have over 20,000 nerve endings on the soles of your feet alone. With sand, the ground is constantly shifting and all the muscles in your feet are challenged to strengthen.
  • Use sand as a natural exfoliant. Sand is a natural exfoliant, so it rubs away dead skin to let your pores breathe, which along with the salt and potassium chloride in seawater can help clean the skin and preserve the its elasticity.
  • The sound of waves is a natural anti-anxiety pill. The rhythm of the ocean is one of the most ancient and reliable soothers for the human conscience. It triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin, helping you to relax and feel good.
  • Sunlight strengthens the immune system. Vitamin D comes from sunshine, which helps prevent autoimmune diseases and strengthens the body’s overall ability to fight infection.
  • Seawater contains minerals that help your body rid itself toxins. A good swim in the ocean does wonders which you can feel for weeks beyond. Seawater also helps cuts to heal more quickly, and iodine in the water strengthens the thyroid, in turn boosting immune system.

Happy by the ocean

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