Support the Ocean with Me!

Hi there, everyone, Peggy here. I’m All I Need’s founder, but I’m also an ocean advocate. I want to tell you a bit about myself and perhaps encourage you to become a supporter of the ocean as well.

To start, the ocean is my happy place. It’s my place to rewind and recharge. Breathing the salty air, going for long walks, kitesurfing, swimming or simply just resting on the sand, I feel revived and at home. During my travels I have seen so many bodies of water, unfortunately so many of them suffering under the conditions of pollution. The beaches littered, and trash floating above sea, harming animals underneath it.


While traveling the world on sabbatical, I went to the Galapagos islands, one of the amazing nature preservations in the world. I was a short 20 minutes into my snorkeling trip when I encountered a saddening amount of population coming from China, and decided of course to pull it offshore. This might have come from the ship that a few days prior killed 300 tons of endangered species like hammerhead sharks. 300 tons! That is a terrible amount, and to think we are measuring lives in measures of weight is incredibly sad. This enough did not receive enough coverage. If you want to read about it, follow this link.

Everywhere I went, it felt like more unnatural disasters were occurring affecting my beautiful ocean and yours. In February 2018, I was in Asia when a massive oil spill spread across fishing grounds in Asia. It was the largest oil spill in decades, and most of the damage was invisible to the naked eye. Up to 111,000 tons of condensate- a toxic, liquid byproduct of gas production- poured into the ocean. I was devastated.

After awhile, I knew I needed to take action if I was to follow my heart and do the right thing. Supporting the following organizations became an active part of my life, something I could dedicate my passion to outside of building All I Need. Below see the organizations I support and make a contribution yourself or get involved:

surfriders 4ocean sea-sheperd


Who wants to imagine a world without wonderful oceans? Not me, and not you!

We are the sea - support our oceans

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