Visiting our Argan Oil's homeland: Sous-Massa, Morocco

As the birthplace of our favorite oil, we’re enthusiasts of the country as a whole. To learn a little bit more about the area where our organic argan oil comes from, we’ll give you a rundown of what the area’s like, who lives there, what the geography brings (aside from argan oil) and why you might consider a visit.

The basics of Souss-Massa region

To start, the Souss-Massa region in Southwestern Morocco is a Unesco biosphere reserve. It’s one of seven regions in Morocco and hosts about two and a half million people. The capital of the region is Agadir. Regions bordering this region are Marrakech-Safi to the north, Drâa-Tafilalet to the northeast and Guelmim-Oued Noun to the southwest. To the southeast is Algeria's Tindouf Province.

The geography of Souss-Massa region

On its western side, the Souss-Massa region faces the Atlantic Ocean, with much of the coast protected by Souss-Massa National Park. Inside the region, the Anti-Atlas mountain range runs king. In the north, the Sous River runs in the valley between the Anti-Atlas and the High Atlas. At the mouth of the Sous River, you’ll find the capital of Agadir. The area is stunning. If you want a national park to visit, you might consider the Toubkal National Park in the northeastern corner of the region.

The economy of Souss-Massa region

The main economic force in the region is agriculture with some seafood production, mostly generated in the Sous and Massa river basins in the northwest. The city of Agadir is a port for fishing and tourism. A city called Tiznit is legendary for its traditional silver techniques, and would be a great place to visit to explore this industry and craft. The region is also home to many women collectives who specializing in extracting argan oil. We receive it in small quantities and package it directly, without any alteration. Then it arrives to you!

Surfing and kitesurfing are also fantastic destination activities for Morocco. The coastal region north of Agadir between Taghazout is famous for surfing, attracting active sports fanatics from around the world. Essaouira, which is outside the northern border of the Souss-Massa region, is famous for both surfing and kite surfing.

Three cheers for the Souss-Massa region. Any question? Send us a message on Instagram!

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