Kitesurfing for all ages

Our team’s founder, Peggy, is a passionate kite surfer. She travels the world finding great places to flag up and follow the wind.

We were so excited to hear the news that a 14-year-old teenager was able to kitesurf across the English Channel. How inspiring is that? Adam Farrington is the teenager and student from Ferndown, and he rode his kite from Swanage Beach in English to Cherbourg-Octeville in France in just five hours and 19 minutes. Can you imagine the guts that took? (Adam, if you’re listening, we are looking for a spokesperson just like you!) The path forced him to encounter rough seas with 25 mile per hour winds, and even required him to navigate a few large container ships along the way.

More than this, while traversing the 69 miles of water on his own, he wiped out a few times and had to get himself back up. What a pro! All he needed what his own inner strength. When he had ten miles to go, he said he got cramps but kept going. Now that’s something to admire! And guess who else did this path kitesurfing in 2010? A 16-year-old named Polly Crathorne, and Richard Branson when he was 61.

Speaking of which, we love this video of women who kitesurf through their 60s and 70s. Keeping your body active is one of the best ways to keep the spirit alive. Check the kitesurf video out here and pass it along to any friend who needs some inspiration. Go kite surfers! We are an adventurous bunch.

PROJECT 65+: 14 women aged 65-76---living life to the full & kiteboarding from Women's Kiteboarding Collective on Vimeo.

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