Arganoil is the perfect beardoil

Why beard oil? And how to use it? It’s not only very important for you healthy looking beard hair – but even more important for the skin beneath your beard. Remember: Healthy Skin = healthy beard! 

Watch the video on how to apply beard oil: 

How to apply argan beard oil:

Take good care of your beard with ALL I Need Care argan oil by applying the oil to your freshly washed, towel-dried beard.

For a three-day beard massage 2-3 drops of argan oil by hand on beard and skin. For a full beard, use a little more argan oil, but not too much as the beard will otherwise look greasy and unkempt. Massage the argan oil with your hand or a beard comb in your beard. Spread it all the way to your skin, especially the skin under your beard needs moisture!

GERMAN VERSION: Wie benutze ich Bartöl?

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